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Wholesalers and small business owners will love the benefits our partnership offers. If you have a repair shop, GSM repair store, workshop, or other business, you can become our partner. The GarudaUnlock Reseller Program supports GSM Fusion, DHRU, and other popular GSM-services.

We use API connection and online connections for connecting reseller websites to the services we offer. You should create your personal reseller account here. The price depends on which pricing package you choose. Each package has its cost and discount price.  In order to buy the Premium Package, you need to upgrade your account by paying the difference between your current package and Premium Package cost.

For this payment, you can use cryptocurrency (USDT). Once your balance is updated, Premium price will be set automatically. The amount of your additional payment to get the Premium Package will be available to you as a credit. You can use the credit to buy our services at best prices.

We offer different pricing packages where each has its own pricing list. There are 2 packages you can choose from: Big Reseller & Distributor. The more you pay the better price you receive!

How to become a Big Reseller / Distributor ?

We have best price for Big Resellers & Distributor users.

- Reseller(Standar Price) need add minimum add funds 20$ credit.

- Big Reseller need add minimum add funds 200$ credit.

- Distibutor need add minimum add funds 500$ credit.

- Web Owner need add minimum add funds $1000$ credit.

Why should you become a Big Reseller / Distributor?

  1. You get %3<>20% discount on prices.
  2. You can always be the first to access new services.
  3. You will get fast support.

Contact Us to become a Big Reseller / Distributor :

WhatsApp : +62895700971395
Telegram : @dezibypass

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